Cuddly Custom Plush Doll - just for you!

Announcing a new Kickstarter level for My Paper Crane's CUSTOM PLUSH DOLLWe think this is just too unique of an opportunity to be missed out on, and we worry we put one of our coolest rewards out of people's reach. We just know there is a child (even one of overgrown size!) who would love a familiar friend, a new pillow, a classroom buddy - a Norton Juster  & Jules Feiffer character brought off the page and into your cuddly arms.

Heidi from My Paper Crane has offered to make a CUSTOM PLUSH DOLL (larger in size than the Tocks she's making) out of YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER from the Phantom Tollbooth. It's such a unique and special reward that we can only offer 2 (as she'll be making the design and the individual doll by hand just for you!).

Here's the Tock doll to give you an example. And you can see more of her hilarious, sweet, and impeccably crafted work at