Kickstarter Rewards in the mail!

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Packing Posting Party

Well, not a party per se.  BUT, lots of packing and posting and waiting in line, and labeling and writing and waiting in line, and snipping and taping and waiting in line (seems we weren't the only ones trying to send everything the week before the holidays!).

Almost all the rewards are in the mail and on their way to YOU.

Are you giving a Tock Doll for Christmas?  Are you putting the Certificate on your fridge?  Are you sending a greeting card out for a friend's birthday?  Whatever you do please share your photos!  Send us photos, post a comment - either on our BLOG or FACEBOOK or TWITTER (@TollboothDoc).  We want to see them!

Tock Dolls and Greeting Cards and Certificates should get there in time for the holidays. Books and Posters will arrive after the holidays. And Norton's puns will be sent in January as will the custom dolls. And of course DVDs and Film Downloads are not finished - but we'll get to work on that!

Thanks everyone - have lovely holidays!  Wishing you the best from Brooklyn and The Lands Beyond

- Hannah & The Crew